Welcome to The Natured Kitchen!  We are a boutique, whole food, personal chef home delivery company.

We believe that the body is an amazing instrument and with the right food the body can do almost anything - heal itself, lose weight, gain muscle, and become a force of energy and vitality.

We have seen first hand what the power of proper nutrition can do which is why The Natured Kitchen was born. We wanted to create a meal delivery program that offered nutrient dense food that was not only delicious but that served a purpose - weight loss, gaining muscle mass, assistance in switching to a new way of eating such as vegan or vegetarian or for the pure convenience for the busy individual who just doesn't have time to cook. 

Our service has often been compared to that of having a personal chef at a fraction of the cost. We begin with a free consultation to discuss your wants, preferences, and goals. We are pretty big on goals here and nothing makes us happier than helping people reach theirs. In fact we work directly with trainers and nutritionists so that everyone on your team is working together. 

Changing ones nutrition can be daunting. We are here to help every step of the way. In fact, every client has Chef John's personal cell number because our greatest intention is to help you on the journey. 






Meet John. Co-founder and Executive Chef of The Natured Kitchen. After graduating from Culinary Institute of America he worked at two of the busiest restaurants in the country. He ran kitchens in four different states, honing his craft. His interest in health and overall well-being also grew and he quickly realized that the old saying has never been truer - you are what you eat. He saw how changing what you eat can change your life. After changing his diet to a plant based one he found that his ultimate passion was creating delicious and healthy food that was not only good for people but for the planet as well. And on his free time he watches Star Wars and does triathlons.