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Celebrity Trainer Michael George

Whole-Body Health Philosophy

Michael integrates a new perspective of cutting-edge performance-based, functional exercise training (PHITT©), merged with exercise science, behavioral neuroscience, biological psychology, and Somatic (body-centered) Psychology, infused with spiritual embodiment principles for a truly holistic whole-body life transforming experience.  Our bodily systems, and the embodied psyche, are designed to function as a whole-balanced system, which then equates to an optimal state of health.  Lifestyle, attitude, and emotional behavior must each be aligned with physical exercise, and a healthy diet, for this synergistic integration of the Body-Mind system.  The assimilation of exercise science, with neuroscience merged with body-centered psychology, elevates the body-transformation process to that of a real science.  This duality approach proffers efficient, life-altering, body-transformation, with cultivation and reconnection to body, life purpose, and the authentic self.  Somatic Depth Psychology utilizes the “wisdom of the body” for a fresh, revelatory, and holistic “whole-body” health coaching methodology.