goal oriented eating

Our FUEL program is for those who want results and want them now.  We work with trainers, nutritionists, dieticians and other industry professionals to bring prescribed meal plans to their client's front doors.  


Professionals agree that diet is 70% of your results.  If you've got a high physical output, you need a rigid meal plan to fuel your efforts.  Eating every two hours is a pain, but even more so if you're the one preparing all the food.  Let us handle it!  We'll create a meal plan that will get you the results you want. 


Getting ready for a film?  Similar to athletes, changing your body rapidly takes a very rigid approach to eating.  We'll create the perfect meal plan thats guaranteed to get you ready to be on screen. All conveniently packed and delivered to your door so you don't have to worry about your food and can work on memorizing those lines!

need a health change

Trying to manage an auto immune disease?  Want to cure Type 2 Diabetes?  It's been proven that a strict diet can eliminate these symptoms and get you feeling better than ever before.  Our top of the line nutritionist will create a plan specifically for you.  

Celebrity Trainer approved

nicky holender

Radius Master Trainer and creator of EPIC Fitness.  

The Natured Kitchen is the answer to all my nutritional needs! I send my celeb clients there, I send my athletes there and I even get my weekly food prepared their.
The owner John is the an amazing chef and they make Vegan food that is tasty and accessible for everyone!
Thank you The Natured Kitchen for making tasty, healthy food that my clients and myself love!