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Well good morning.  The importance of the breakfast meal is undeniable.  It provides the nutrients and carbohydrates our bodies need to start the day off with vitality, but not all breakfasts are created equal.  Next time you go to grab the fry pan to make some eggs and pancakes think about what your body needs.  Eating isn’t just about satiating your taste buds, although that unfortunately seems to be the MO of most of us.  Your body needs micro nutrients and a little whole grains to get the perfect jump start to your day. These micro nutrients come from dark leafy greens, nuts, and seeds. The most convenient way to get all these nutrients is to make a dense smoothie. My perfect breakfast looks something like this.

The Kickass Green smoothie:

Organic kale, chard, spinach, macca powder, sacha inchi powder, cocoa powder, spirulina, hemp seed, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, banana and coconut water!

I freeze the berries to give the smoothie its thicker texture. Costco sells an organic frozen berry medley that works perfectly for smoothies.  You get all the micro nutrients you could need from the greens and seeds.  The berries offer powerful antioxidants and because they are a form of natural, simple sugars they are absorbed quickly into the blood stream and provide that pep in your step!  The coconut water provides an excellent source of potassium and electrolytes. This smoothie is an incredible blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that will set your day up for success.  See how much energy you have after drinking one of these bad boys.  I doubt you’ll be having a bowl of Cocoa Puffs again anytime soon.

I also have a bowl of organic flax seed granola with almond milk to give me the complex carbohydrates my body needs for my active lifestyle.  For people who are trying to keep their calorie intake low, the smoothie is the perfect option by itself.

Your body is going to be awake and moving for the next 16+ hours, give it what it really needs to start off on the right foot (ha ha). Lame jokes are my specialty.

Have a great day everyone!