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Layla and I watched an amazing documentary last night "End of the Line".  In a nut shell it's about the overfishing of our oceans and the detrimental effects it will have on our world if we don't stop it.

Experts have estimated that sea life as we know it today will be non existent by 2048 if current rates of overfishing remain the same.  Our grandchildren may literally never know what a blue fin tuna is! 

The disgusting part is this is driven by greedy corporations that engulf the coastlines of regions like Africa and decimate the population of fish that the locals have depended on for their survival since the beginning of their inhabitance in these regions.  The locals don't stand a chance; people are starving.  What will happen to these people when all the fish have gone extinct? 

Here's something I didn't know... Mitsubishi is in the fishing industry!  Cars aren't enough?  It is estimated that Mitsubishi accounts for 60% of all the blue fin tuna purchased in the world.  There's also accusations being made that Mitsubishi is freezing large quantities of this tuna so when the world runs out they can literally name their price for one of the world's most sought after commodities.  

Trolling is a practice where large, weighted nets are drug along the seabed to capture as many fish as possible.  The largest trolling net in the world is big enough to fit 13 747 commercial airline jets in.  A farmer in the documentary compared trolling to plowing a field 7 times in one year.  He said "And then I asked myself.  How many crops would grow if I plowed my field 7 times in one year?  The answer, zero."  So not only are we overfishing our oceans, but through the practice of trolling we are destroying the ocean's eco systems.  Thats okay though right? It's 200 feet deep that no will ever see. Bullshit.  Experts are estimating that with current trolling practices, the reef population will be decimated by 2025.  

What about farmed fish?  Fish grown in a controlled environment that doesn't damage the oceans or have harmful effects on the ocean's population.  According to experts, small wild fish like sardines are ground into fish meal to feed the farmed fish.  They say that it takes 5 tons of wild fish meal for ever 1 ton of farm fished produced! So this isn't a sustainable option either... What to do?  Don't eat fish and help support and preserve our ocean's ecosystems to be enjoyed by generations to come!

In the name one of the best animated films ever... "fish are friends, not food"