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I flew up to Palo Alto yesterday to do a cooking demonstration with legendary vegan chef Tal Ronnen.  He brought with him a killer vegan ricotta made from almond milk. There was so much depth to this cheese that it easily rivaled any regular ricotta I'd ever had.  I've had several cheeses made from nuts in the past and they were just okay.  Very gritty, there was no masking that I was eating nuts.  This cheese was so silky and smooth that I doubt anyone could have ever told me in a blind taste that it was dairy free.  The best part about it is this cheese is cholesterol free.  That's the biggest nutritional perk for me with the plant based diet.  There's zero cholesterol in plant based cooking. Zero!

It was a great experience working with Tal and it further opened my eyes to the possibilities of plant based cooking.  The plant side of the culinary world has definitely been an amazing journey of discovery.  Cheese without milk? Are you nuts? Well actually... yes :)